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When all thought, and waited for one season 2004 more balanced and competitive, Ferrari squashed again to the rest, that did not obtain, especially the great ones, to be around the circumstances.
Barrichello leads the last GP of the season disputed in Brazil. There the Williams de Montoya would win for the first time in the year
Faults in the chassis, the motors and tires, added to the conflicts between the pilots and the owners of equipment were the main causes by which nobody was able to arrive at Ferrari, that unlike the rest, the great union which they have in his “Family”, has allowed them to return to prevail and to be the best ones in everything. In addition it appears the definitive abandonment of Ford in Formula 1, leaving therefore great nostalgia to the fanatics of the oval of the maximum category, although Jaguar has managed to be saved thanks to the purchase of Red Bull, like Cosworth, thus also acquired by the proprietors of the Champ American Car.
Watching the future, two new squares they will be added in the 2006, flaming circuits of the East will continue arriving, whereas legendary the Silverstone and Magny-Cours have managed to survive before the pressure of Ecclestone IT ENTRUSTS and it, that has decided to take the control before escuderías and to again change the regulation for next the two years.



That it is possible more to be said of them. Once again they have been the best ones, thanks to the close work and union of its five key men: Luca Cordero I gave Montezemolo, Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, and by all means Michael Schumacher, who obtained his seventh crown of one more a way than shining. With a mental force, enviable physical state and its qualities and abilities of pilot at its better moment, gained in 13 of the 18 Great Prizes, adding other 2 second positions, thus arriving to have 148 points that were to him practically unattainable to all.
An atypical image of Ferrari in the 2004. Except for this small error of the champion, Ferrari gained 15 of the 18 GP of the year
Rubens Barrichello also has had its better year since runner-up when obtaining is in the square of Maranello, devoting itself two victories (Italy and China), 7 second put places and 3 third parties, also contributing to this great profit of Ferrari, that in addition devastated in the Championship of Constructors after securing 15 victories and adding 262 units. For the next year they will maintain to all key men, where the flaming champion of Formula 3000 could add itself the International, the Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi, that after a great year, could get to become the heir and successor of Schumacher in the Cavallino Rampante.


Escudería of David Richards was the one that grew east year more. After first mediocre years, chassis 006 next to Honda RA004E, has been superior the Renault, the Williams BMW and to the McLaren Mercedes in almost all the year. Great person in charge was Geofrey Willis in the design of the chassis, like the people in charge of Honda, when constructing a motor around Ferrari, BMW, Toyota and superior to Mercedes Benz.
An extraordinary year for BAR. Jenson Button shone with model 006 and his Sato companion also stood out
In addition it was the year of consecration for English the Jenson Button, who finalized in the third position in the championship of pilots with 85 points, product of its 4 second places and their 6 third parties put throughout a year where he has shown to a great handling and a great maturation. Although all that was stained by its clandestine contract with Williams for next year, but finally BAR gained the fight in the courts and now the English will have not only to turn his year of contract, but to pilot of the best way so that nobody within BAR begins to reproach things to him.
The Japanese Takuma Sato also had a good year, demonstrating that as much in classification as in race he is a quick pilot and with capacity.
With the confirmation of Button in its equipment, BAR will maintain to the great majority of the people in charge of this great year for the next season.
Now, thanks to his second positioning in the Championship of Constructors with 116 points, has settled within the group of the “five great ones”, and the most difficult task will be to maintain the been able thing to demonstrate that their profits were not chance.


they had taken the year of the best way, having consolidated as the best square behind Ferrari, something that was and still is too much.
Nevertheless, in second half of season, they went blurring until being surpassed by BAR, Williams and McLaren, although its good action of the beginning served to maintain his to them third place in the Constructors, but to lose the possibility of being second at the hands of BAR. The chassis has been faster than the one of the previous year, but less unstable balancing and to complete, without a doubt noticing the game of Mike Gascoyne to Toyota. In the motor aspect they took a great step although still they need between about 5 and 10 horses to be between most powerful. The Spanish Fernando Alonso had a good year, but he had to fight especially with the problems of the chassis in the last part of the year.
Jarno Trulli, on the other hand, has been as hard as to Alonso, demonstrating that in race it is as good as in classification, obtaining in addition its first Grand Prix in the F1, at the same time in being aircraft commander in gaining a race besides Michael Schumacher.
Renault saved the year with the triumph of Trulli in Montecar it. A little more was expected the French equipment east year
In the end, one complained the deficit of the car, reason why it was broken contact with the equipment before the two last races to go to Toyota, with those who already it had a contract and for which piloted in Brazil. It replaced it to Briatore by the Canadian Jacques Villeneuve, who in spite of his great talent, physically felt his sabbatic year and he could not secure good results.
For the next season, another Italian will add itself, Giancar it Fisichella, after a good year in Sauber and after to have broken ties with Renault years back.
It is probable that this is their last opportunity to demonstrate all their capacity in a Top equipment of the F1.
Next to Ferrari and Toyota, they are the unique ones in constructing to its chassis and motors, reason why they must have the capacity to take advantage of it appropriately.
Like BAR, is a young equipment that is in the final stage of development and where as of the next year they will have to obtain concrete results.


Montoya fought until the end and its reward arrived in Brazil. Pizzonia also was supplanting Ralf Schumacher
A great deception was the performance from the square of “old” the Frank for this season, if it considers that along with McLaren had to be the ones in charge to dispute the crown to him to Ferrari. For this year they had decided to stop developing the previous model and to give an upset in the aerodynamics of the chassis, which went to bet to everything or nothing in the new FW25, that turned out to be defective from the beginning. Even when in second half of season they realized more modifications, no in the end gave to great changes but until the last competitions, winning the GP of Brazil.
BMW maintained its power, but also it underwent several failures in race.
The Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya fought against an unstable car all the year, although always he maintained its level, in spite of the critics received by the equipment after finding out at the beginning of year of its going to McLaren.
Ralf Schumacher also decided to go away to Toyota, although its performance did not fall either, at least in the races that ran. Their reemplazantes, Marc Gené and Antonio Pizzonia, played a good role in spite of the bad benefits of the chassis.
For the next year, Mark Webber will become the new star, whereas the armchair for the pilot second, after to be frustrated the one of Button, is coveted by many pilots. Between Pizzonia, Davidson and Heidfeld will leave the lucky person.
The equipment will have the urgent obligation to be in highest yes or yes.


McLaren made a pair of good races but it could not with Ferrari. The next year they will have one dupla of pilots to fear
Another square of which the best thing was expected and disappointed. They had already begun to prove the new chassis from the '03, but like in the last years, the chassis designed by Adrian Newey would be defective. Every time it is more evident that with Mika Hakkinen he was simpler to design a car to his style and power to develop it. In addition the Mercedes motor continued being below Ferrari, BMW and Toyota.
Although unlike Williams, they knew to as much recover in the middle of year, in chassis as in motor, being obtained to gain in Belgium and to be 2 times seconds in Great Britain and Brazil.
Kimi Raikkonen also suffered with the deficiency of the chassis although this year has served to him to mature much more and not to commit so many errors.
David Coulthard, on the other hand had another mediocre year reason why already there is lost his position in McLaren for the '05 and is probable that he is the new pilot of Red Bull.
He will be the Montoya Colombian replaces who it, which will mean again that in the square of Rum Dennis, two Top pilots exist again as happened at the times sea breams where Ayrton the Seine and Alain Prost had the most terrible battles among them.
They will be another one of the equipment the weight in his backs to gain the Title of Pilots and Constructors yet.


Many million and no result. Toyota must improve facing the 2005. It will have two winning pilots with Schumacher and Trulli
It was very difficult them to surprise itself the reality. They have an excellent budget, one of greatest, and people very described in its positions. But it is impossible to try to reach to Ferrari if before it is not reached to the others, realizing brief steps and slowly. The motor without doubts has a great power, but it continues being heavy in relation to the Ferrari and BMW, which added to aerodynamically and also heavy a poor chassis, was almost impossible to them in the year to be able to approach 2 seconds of the sharpshooting equipment at least. The arrival of Mike Gascoyne is without a doubt a great aid for Gustav Brunner, but Gascoyne had to develop a car that had not been constructed by him, reason why the evolution of the machine was not very significant in the second part of the year.
Just for the season that comes they will see the great changes.
The French Olivier Panis demonstrated all their class in spite of being his last year in the F1, whereas to Christian Gives Matta cost to him more to adapt to the car, which derived in the end in its replacement by Zonta.
For the coming year, Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli will be their new pilots, which will do to the team still having two men able more hard to gain races.
The logical step for Toyota will be at least to be to 1 second of Ferrari or of that is in end.


The Swiss square also promised at the beginning of year, but it had one first half of season in the middle of the squad.
On the one hand, they had the same motor and gear box that Ferrari, but the motor of Sauber was the same that since the beginning of year, whereas Ferrari continued evolving, being others that when having a different gear box, much more cost to them to adapt it to the chassis.
Sauber improved when Ferrari allowed it. The blue cars made good partisans like in the last race run in Brazil
Just when the chassis happened through the new wind tunnel and when Ferrari decided to give the evolution them of the motor, it was when Sauber improved remarkably until equaling and surpassing in several opportunities to Williams and McLaren. Thanks to that, they could finalize sixth in the constructors, surpassing to Toyota, Jaguar, Jordan and Minardi.
Giancar it Fisichella it had a very good year, and now it will be in Renault to fulfill its dream to gain a World-wide Title.
Felipe Massa did not walk well in classification but he had a good performance in race, surpassing to Fisichella some times.
His new companion will be nothing less than the Canadian Champion of the '97, Jacques Villeneuve, who if he reclaims his physical state, if doubts will represent a great letter to gain races.
By shown at the end of the year, the Sauber he can to improve much and to be around Toyota or others if they maintain the same ideology of development. Also it will be determining as they adapt to new the Michelin that will wear to the car instead of the Bridgestone.


Its last year. Ford finally decided to go away of Formula 1 to put completely in the World-wide Rally. But in spite of that and to always tell on smaller budget the great ones, all the personnel of Jaguar and Cosworth realized an enormous effort to construct to a competitive chassis and a motor. They surpassed to Toyota in the Glass of Constructors, which represents the most faithful test of the good thing that they did.
Mark Webber could not secure great results, but in Williams surely it will be able to fight ahead.
Goodbye Racing Jaguar. The equipment did the possible thing but the results never arrived. What would have happened if Jackie Stewart would have commanded the equipment these years?
Christian Klien demonstrated that its capacities as pilot justified the money that had been able to compete.
The drink company Red Bull energetics has bought Jaguar, whereas the owners of the Champ Car, Kevin Lalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe were done position of Cosworth, maintaining alive to the equipment and its employees. For the next year they will have a evolution of the chassis and the motor, reason why they will be able to fight against Sauber and Jordan in equality.
The pilots who sound more are David Coulthard, Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi.


Lamentably, the equipment of Eddie Jordan was far from almost all the equipment throughout the year, only surpassing to Minardi and some times to some Jaguar or Sauber.
With a low budget, the chassis was very nervous and unstable, and the Cosworth motor, in spite of being the same of Jaguar, was not around the others in power.
Nick Heidfeld had a good year personally, although it has not been able to demonstrate everything what knows in the yellow cars.
Giorgio Marsh had one season regular, which added to its lack of budget had to leave to the equipment in order year, being its place occupied by Glock Thymus.
With the distance of Ford in the F1, there are lost the Cosworth motors, but the astute Eddie has used one's wits to obtain them new sponsors and to reach an agreement with Toyota to count on its motors, which will be a great step forward for Jordan.
Their new pilots are an incognito, although he knows that they must have talent as thus also a fort financial endorsement. They could be the German Glock Thymus and some of testers of Toyota, Ricardo Zonta or Ryan Briscoe.
Without a doubt they will be present another year, but they will have to improve its results reason why sooner or later they will have to also leave the circus.


Baumgartner obtained a point in the GP of EE.UU. Next year will have powerful motors such as those of Red Bull Racing
Again in the tail. Minardi has survived once again but continuing at heart. With its limited resources, they constructed a rendidor but limited chassis, whereas the motor given by Cosworth was the one of year '01, and so it was logical that they were going to be always to 3 and 4 seconds of the end.
Their pilots Bruni and Baumgartner have not been able to do much with bad machineries and they have moved away of the equipment.
Their reemplazantes could be pilots the Dutch pilots Robert Doornbos, Christijan Albers and Jos Verstappen.
Thanks to the continuity of Cosworth, they will be able to count on the same motors that the Red Bull equipment, reason why, for the first time, a Minardi will be able to use present motors, and this way, all the escuderías in the '05 will count on motors of last generation.



Midland Group F1 will put two single-seaters constructed by Would cut with a scythe in the grill of exit of Formula 1 in the 2006. Escudería, that Co-has been founded and established by Alex Shnaider of 36 years, will have 40,000 employees anywhere in the world, will have Russian financing and, almost with complete certainty, a Russian pilot. The single-seater will be constructed next to Would cut with a scythe in Italy and the central offices will be to the outskirts of London.


Bet of Emirates Arab, that is thought that it must to an idea of Sheik Amhed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, would use the technological experience of McLaren and the motors of Mercedes. This way, Dubai would be ready to introduce a new equipment of Formula One in the Championship of World 2006.


In spite of the pressures exerted by BMW, Mercedes Benz and Honda ENTRUST, it and their World-wide Advice of the Motor decided to impose the second package of measures for the regulation and that the parts that can be applied in the 2005 in force enter the 1 of March of 2005, while the rest will do the 1 of January of 2006.


The V8 would return to the circus of the F1 from 2006. Many bet that the genius of the V8, Ford Cosworth, will return for such year to the F1
The 1 of March of 2005 will enter in force: Chassis: Changes in the chassis (aerodynamic) to raise the front aileron and to advance the buttock, to reduce the height of the diffuser and to trim the chassis in front of the back wheels. Esteem that these changes will produce a loss of 20% or more in the aerodynamic load, with a minimum loss of drag.
Tires: It must complete the qualification and the race with a unique game of tires. Pneumatic a more duro will reduce the speed in the curves.
Motors: Each motor must last two Great complete Prizes a motor that must last two races will offer less power than if only one must last.


The 1 of January of 2006 will enter in force: Motors: The introduction of the V8 motors of 2,4 liters with certain number of restrictions as far as design and allowed materials.
To reduce the capacity of the motor is a safe form to reduce the power (according to it has requested repeatedly the TWG), while the technical restrictions will limit the possibility of increasing the power. Esteem that will lower to about 700 horses instead of the 1000 which the existing motors would reach in the 2006.
Not to harm the smaller off-carriage equipment, the existing motors V10 of 3,0 liters will be able to continue being used during the 2006 and 2007, subject in a limit of revolutions that it will establish ENTRUST it.
In Silverstone Raikkonen it persecuted to Schumacher during all the race. They are expected more attractive competitions the next year
When reducing the engine power, is needed a competitive and cheap motor for the smaller off-carriage equipment, including the new incorporations. A motor of 3 liters with limit of revolutions can adjust to be competitive just as units of factory of 2,4 liters, but it will be much more cheap.
For the next season it is hoped that all these norms lower the budgets of the squares, compares the competition and the category is safer, causing than Formula 1 recovers its own brightness that knew to have.
But also it is truth of which, first of all, only escuderías with money will be able to realize these changes, as well as to be able to overthrow to Ferrari, will have to be the equipment mainly those that will have to change and to improve, because when modifying the regulation, could happen that by an opposite effect, Ferrari she is the beneficiary and the races more boring than the habitual thing, not only because the ambles will continue being in boxes, but because the machines will be slower.
If the changes were really made for “changing”, there are hopes so that this means the beginning of a new one was in Formula 1.