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Excellent pilot motorist of formula l, very popular in Italy, died on the 17:00 hours of Thursday 15 of May of 1986 as a result of the experienced accident the previous day on the circuit Paul Ricard (Him Castellet), in a session of tests of tires.

With this Elio car he was killed in Paul Ricard. It hardly disputed four races with Brabham and its better result was in Brazil (8º), unique race that managed to complete (MV*)
The unique witness of the event was a mechanic of the Benetton equipment that took times; when rising the head after consulting its chronometer, saw Brabham BT55-BMW flying over the guard-rail, in the passage of the Eses of the Verrerie. At that zone Km/h was arrived at about 270 and it was speculated on whereupon the single-seater would lose the back aileron, which would explain the enormous kinetic energy that, after the loss of the line and the touch with the defenses, it would make him fly about 100 meters and, when returning to the ground, overturned, still it would continue sliding other 80 meters. Before pausing, one caught fire.

Elio DeAngelis made debut with a Shadow/Ford in Argentina of 1979. 16º took the test and culminated in a substitute 7º place (MV*)
Rescued the pilot after tremendous efforts to extinguish the fire, a cardiac shutdown was detected to him. To the four minutes I can be reanimated, but with traumatisms cranial and torácico that would cause the definitive death to him, without recovering the knowledge, in the hospital the Timone of Marseilles. This accident forced to trim the drawn up one of Paul Ricard. Riccardo Patrese and Derek Warwick, that piloted the BT55 later, showed that it was a car little surely.

Il DeAngelis prince, that was dedicated to the automobile competition after resigning to its race of concertista of piano, had been born in Rome the 26 from March from 1958 and was a young veteran of the formula l, to which it had acceded to the 20 years, counting in its salary with 108 races of this specialty; 3º in the 1984 championship had been classified, entered 122 points in 7 seasons and secured 2 victories (82 Austria 'and San Marino '85).

The first victory of Elio arrived in Austria of 1982 with a Lotus 91 Ford Cos. 3,0 DFV V8. His second triumph it happened in San Marino '85, also with Lotus (MV*)
His first victory constituted a as exciting spectacle as the one of a end of film. Elio maintained the rate of the head group, and when Tambay, Arnoux, Piquet, Patrese and Prost retired with mechanical difficulties, it maintained a ferocious duel with Keijo Rosberg (both fought by his first victory in Grand Prix) that was settled in the line of goal in favor of DeAngelis by 5 hundredth of second.

One has still today not settled down that was what happened to the Brabham de Elio DeAngelis. The possible loosening of the back aileron is the firmest theory (MV*)
In his palmarés, in addition, the victory in the first Pro race (Zolder 1979). Pro was born as a spectacular test monomarks telonera of the Grands Prix (with coupés BMW M1), that confronted the best pilots of formula I, prototypes, GT or tourism, that were useful to develop without prejudices and with ardor of nascent: in that one first sleeve, in which Elio DeAngelis dominated Toine Hezemans and Clay Regazzoni, only finished whole 7 of the 20 M1 present in the exit grill


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