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Rudi Carach is one of the greatest pilots motorists of History, no matter how hard that title also is adjudged, yet merit, to several tens of pilots, from Théry Leon to Michael Schumacher. But in case it was necessary to document this criterion, it is possible to be contributed the testimony of Giovanni Johnny Lurani, good pilot and better historian of the competition automobile: “Rudi Caracciola was one of the greatest pilots for all time. (...) its fabulous race, in its apogee between 1932 and 1939, is as one of most exceptional in the history of the sport of the automobile.” In 1998 of Fame was introduced in the International Motorsports Hall of America.

From Neapolitan origin, it was born in Remagen the 30 from January from 1901 and was found Monday 28 of September of 1959 in its mansion of Lugano dead. It had succumbed to a hepatic affection, probable sequel of its last accident in Bern or the received intensive medication after its other accidents.

Rudolf Caracciola was the more important German pilot of the Thirties and probably one of greatest for all time (MV*)
Reading his excellent autobiography, it gives the sensation about which one was a sociable and communicative type. But, in fact, Rudi locked in itself in itself, keeping with the outside a misantrópica attitude, nonshy but melancholically reserved. Although cultured and amiable, always he was very sparing in the interviews and preferred to make discreet life with his second woman, Baby. Nevertheless, after his funeral he was discovered that he was assorted owner of one good and select warehouse, that locked up bottles of champagne and came from the best years from century principle. For whom it was that one reserve, if he did not drink and he did not receive guests?

With this Mercedes-Benz SSKL (W 06 RS series) of 300 HP, Rudolf Caracciola he gained edition 1931 of the classic race “Mille Miglia” (MV*)
Palmarés is useless to review complete his here, whose detail can be consulted in the appendix of its book “To Racing Car Driver's World”. Two or three samples of the same are enough, known well, on the other hand: in 1924, its first deprived year like with Mercedes, gained 27 tests on 27. In 1929 it imposed a mastodóntico SSK of 2.5 tons and 225 HP in the endiablado Tourist Trophy de Belfast, with record of fast return. Two years later and before the astonishment of all, one would use as a SSKL to secure to another heroic victory in the Thousand Miles, beating records. In addition, it gained a ten of times in NürburgRing, one of the most selective circuits, handling, with his cold style of impeccable smoothness and balance, Mercedes-Benz most difficult to lead of the history of the mark (of up to 650 HP), and emphasizing still more in arduous atmospheric conditions. Yet it (and besides 3 European championships of Mountain and 2 of Germany), was crowned 3 times European champion, which was equivalent to world-wide champion of Grand Prix.

Accident in calificatorias for Indy 500 of 1946. Rudi remained in comma during one week whole after receiving a blow in the head (MV*)
As all the great aces, Caracciola owned physical faculties superiors to the optimal thing (seen, reflected, strength, value, coordination psychophysical, capacity of concentration, capacity of suffering). It was of those pilots whose brain turns much more quickly that its crank or its wheels; and thus it is not difficult to be an ace. But it is that, in addition, its calm not to lose the papers before situations jeopardizes, his cold blood to maintain a planning intelligent, nonenthusiastic, from the race, it differentiated to him from other aces of his time, more temperamental (Nuvolari, Rosemeyer, Fagioli), assimilated and it to Nazzaro, Varzi, Fangio, Clark, Foyt…, that is to say to greatest among the great ones.

Narrating the development of the Great Prize of Masaryk 1937 in Brno, Alfred Neubauer describes with admiration, once again, the perfection of the style of Carach: “(...) and Rudi returns to tighten the march; he leads with precisón incredible, sharpening in the curves of way like is an esthetic pleasure to see him run.” Nevertheless – and as he is habitual, to the great public seemed to him that it was running a too cold one, preferring to grant its applause and their fervor from more spectacular fan to others – although not so fast.

Thus it was the Mercedes-Benz of Rudi after its dangerous confusion in and the traitor drawn up of Bern (MV*)
But in spite of the faculties, the cold blood and intelligence, one did not get rid of serious accidents. In Monaco 1933 it was broken the right leg of so bad form that lost a year of activity, had left shorter and it caused terrible pains to him when piloting (handicap that surpassed, still with great difficulty, with enormous entereza and mental strength). Trying to be described for Indianapolis 1946, something struck the helmet to him and remained one week in comma. In 1952 it disputed the GP of Switzerland, a test of sport on the treacherous circuit of Bern (circuit where it had overcome three times long ago), in which its Mercedes-Benz 300 SL crashed against a tree and destroyed a leg to him. “Thanks to God that has been the left”, Carach joked. “Perhaps I have left shorter no longer and cojearé more…”

But it did not return to run. It published his memories in 1957, taking leave with a Biblical appointment: “No longer I lead bolides because `everything is temporary here and low the sky all the things have his momento.´” Indeed, its moment had happened. It had 56 years, a good age to retire, but only it had left other two of life


Photos: http://www.theautochannel.com/, Quiroz File, File “Ruoteclassiche”

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