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Been born the 18 from January of 1940 in capital Mexico, Pedro Rodriguez of the Fertile valley was a charismatic and incisive pilot who knew successfully to cross the arduous way that goes from the boy of papa become fond of to the fast and expensive cars to the quoted and effective professional, without never losing neither the taste by the pilotage nor a pinch of the aggressiveness that him made so spectacular.

Pedro next to its Ricardo brother. Lamentably Ricardo, of only 20 years, found the death during the tests of the Great Prize of Mexico of 1962 (without puntaje) (MV*)
To the 10 years, directed by his father (old acrobatic motorcyclist), he was cycling national champion. The 12 it began to compete in motociclismo, winning his first race with a Adler of 125 cm3 and scaling categories quickly (Zündapp 250, BSA 350); with 13 cm3 was champion of Mexico of 500 (Norton), award that would repeat in 1954. At the same time, in 1952 one had begun in the rallies with a Ford and, when he fulfilled the 14, his father gave a Jaguar to him XK120 with which he overcame in its category in the first speed trials in which he took part (the Race the International of Avándaro), which was worth a fame to him as a child good prodigy deserved that consolidated, mainly in France, when, in 1958 and next to its Ricardo brother (with whom had hardened a soldier to fire itself in numerous competitions in Mexico, the USA, Cuba and the Bahamas), he went to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Ferrari Rossa Head of the family.

When having only 16 years, Ricardo is not authorized to take the exit and Pedro makes equipment with Jose Behra (brother of Jean). As Caussade says, then “ (...) makes debut great histoire d´amour du public français pour them deux frères. ” (“… begins the great romance between the French public and both brothers. ”) Also was born then a close friendship between the Behra and the Rodriguez, that consolidated after the tragic disappearances of Jean and Ricardo.

Pedro leading the Ferrari of 3 liters during the 24 Hours of Le Mans of 1961. The motor of the Mexican brothers failed when they marched in second position (MV*)
Le Mans is its goal and there the brothers participate to every year Rodriguez. In 1961, with a Ferrari of the NART (property of Luigi Chinetti) they go in front of the Ferrari official (P.Hill/Gendebien, Ginther/VonTrips) until they damage a condenser to 2 hours of the end. Weeks later gain the 1,000 Kilometers of Paris, in front of equipment of first class (Mairesse/Bianchi and Vaccarella/Trintignant). After being seconds in 1,000 km of NürburgRing 1961, in 1962 history is repeated: failure in Le Mans and victory in Montlhéry.

As of the following year, after weeks of reflection and firmly supported by his second wife, Angelina, Pedro it manages to surpass the crisis brought about by the death of Ricardo, his perennial Co-équipier, that has sunk to him in the dark well of the pain. In February of 1963 it overcomes the Continental Daytona, victory that would repeat in 1964. In the following seasons one consolidates like a great pilot of sport, with numerous victories and positions of honor, although until 1968 it will not manage his dream to win in Le Mans, with Lucien Bianchi and on a Ford GT40 Gulf de John Wyer; he enters both still young but veteran pilots added thirty participation in this classic one of resistance.

Insatiable of races, Pedro also ran in the NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup of sporadic form from 1959. In his first test of this so singular specialty, Trenton, took its Ford to surprising 6º put under banderazo. In 1963 famous Daytona 500 with a Pontiac did, in 1965 finished 5º in Charlotte with a Ford; in 1971 (its last season) it ran twice in Daytona (with Chevrolet and Plymouth) and was 11º in the Niagara Falls of Ontario with another Ford.

Leading this Cooper T81 with motor Maserati 3,0 V12, Pedro first victory of F1 obtained his, after to start off from the fourth position of grilla (MV*)
It will run, also, in formula ll and formula l (Lotus, Cooper, Ferrari, BRM). In this last specialty it will secure to 2 victories and 71 points, reaped in 55 Grands Prix. First of the two it would be the GP of South Africa 1967, with his heavy and little competitive Cooper-Maserati. It was a deserved victory, but still more that Pedro had deserved it a John Love in the decline of his race (he was then 42 years old), that, with a still less competitive Cooper-Coventry Climax, was on the verge of winning in his land, although, lacking of fuel, he only could be 2º.

With the great GT, sports and prototypes, Pedro become a completed teacher. Espeluznaba to see take to Porsche 917 of John Wyer, in duel sometimes closed with its companion of escudería and rival him Jo Siffert, like the famous elbow elbow in 1,000 km of Spa 1970 to 250 Km/h of average by return. That year, in Brands Hatch gave another recital that would make ask him Chris Amon: “Why doesn't someone tell Pedro it's raining? (”Why nobody says to him to Pedro that is raining? “).

Rodriguez next to unforgettable Porsche 917 of the square of John Wyer. In only two years, Pedro obtained nothing less than eight important triumphs (MV*)
The author of the corresponding article of “ Encyclopedia of the Car ” (anonymous in the Spanish version) relates by far talent: “ (...) Penalized by an advancement conducted under yellow flag (although Pedro he was a horseman outside the track, to the steering wheel used to forget), Rodriguez returned to begin in tail, almost winding (under a torrential rain) of a hallucinating way until the Paddock Curve, and returned to put itself in head after 20 returns, arriving to even remove two returns to all adversaries and registering its name with characters from gold in the book of the legend. The director of the equipment John Wyer, David Yorke, thought that Rodriguez was the pilot more complete than had known. It and Jacky Ickx shared an exceptional ability in wet circuits (...) ”

Of Enzo Ferrari, on Pedro: “He is an impulsive boy who leads with a frightful unconcern and a wastefulness of physical energy without comparison. I fodder that if this boy is able to contain his fogosidad and to sharpen his style, its success will be very significant.” (*1)
It enters several other triumphs resistance (Daytona again, Monza, Watkins Glen), in 1971 gained 1,000 km of Spa-Francorchamps (with Jackie Oliver standing out to him in the Porsche 917K) to 249.07 Km/h of average. One was in the zenith of his faculties, absolutely decreased by the fatigue of almost twenty years of competition, as it demonstrated in the Grand Prix of Holland 1971, where, under a torrent again, Pedro and Jacky Ickx (312 Ferrari B 2/6) ridiculed all the other pilots, who seemed nascent by comparison (fourteen left in the bracket Tarzan; Jackie Stewart, another teacher with rain, did I spin a top and finished 11º, to 5 returns). Ickx and the Rodriguez, to rate impossible, happened and reviewed without to commit no error, until a desreglaje in the injection made inconducible the BRM P160 de Pedro, that yielded 8 seconds to Jacky in the end, leaving 3º (the Ferrari de Regazzoni) to 1 return.

Or in the 1,000 Kilometers of Austria of 1971, in ÖsterreichRing, where also chair under rain seated, and after a ferocious duel with the Ferrari 312P of Ickx/Regazzoni, to blow of record of its 917 fast return took Gulf to the victory (to 198 Km/h of average), after piloting during 940 km, not granting to its Co-équipier Dick Attwood but a symbolic relief of 12 returns to fulfill the regulation.

“Journalists located in the sector of the accident affirm that when the machine faced the braking to confront the curve, the right front wheel practically followed. Immediately, the Ferrari left goodbye against guard violently rail” (*2)
One week later Interseries was killed in a test of the Glass. It was Sunday 11 of Julio of 1971 in the 200 Miles of Nuremberg that were disputed on the circuit of NörisRing, a contest that did not appear in its calendar, but that Rodriguez, frees of other commitments and always voracious of races, she had decided to animate with his pilotage. In principle it was going to use the new BRM T163 Dog-A.m. to experience it; but, when not being finished, 512S of Herbert Müller accepted the Ferrari. “ a race of second row always is better than no race. ”, had showed Pedro to the ex--pilot and leader of BRM Raymond Mays, whom it would relate that it stopped to prohibit him to run with another mark, to lament itself later by it bitterly not to have done.

In the braking of the Eses desllantó the front tire straight (that came slowly being deflated) and the Ferrari, unbalanced, crashed against the wall and bounced, returning surrounded in flames to the track, where it was percutido by the Porsche 917 that Kurt Hild shared with I read Kinnunen. Hild was unharmed, but Pedro, very very serious wounded, with burns, skull fracture and of both legs, it had to be reanimated several times, to end up at noon expiring in the municipal hospital of Nuremberg.

The trajectory of Pedro in Formula 1 was very careless. Of 55 participation it competed 5 races with Lotus, 8 with Ferrari, 8 with Cooper and 33 with BRM (MV*)
Paradoxicalally, it turned out to be the unique pilot died on 512. The Mexican federation annulled the Grand Prix of its country in duel signal, while a court of Nuremberg exonerated to Kurt Hild of all fault. In memory of Pedro and Ricardo, the circuit City of Brother Mexico happened to denominate Automobile race track Rodriguez. On the other hand, the Grand Prix Drivers ’ Association issued an official notice to pay tribute to the heroic behavior of the commissioner of track of the circuit of NörisRing Helmut Schlosser, that, attended by another commissioner and a police, had put in risk its life when rescuing to Rodriguez of the cage in flames.

Of Pedro one said that it always took with himself a small bottle of Tabasco that used without repairs in the best restaurants of the world. Also it was used to covering with a cap with Scottish cloth and lappets, type Sherlock Holmes. Small of stature (it lead raising the chin), Pedro Rodriguez was a gigantic pilot, who adored Spa and the rain as he adored his brother, with that ended up meeting. In the memory of all fan it must have an illuminated hollow to lodge the memory of the pilots of his stature


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