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I followed Milka Duno
27 of May
Venezuelan pilot Milka Duno had to leave in return 65 of the edition number 91 of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis, when carrying out an accident in curved number 1, mishap that did not have physical consequences in the Caracas steering wheel that made its debut in the traditional North American competition that reunited more than 300 thousand spectators in Motor Indianapolis Speedway.
Duno had taken the exit from position 29 and in the first returns it was located in square 32 in the group of 33 participants, little by little improved several places and when being fulfilled the first quarter of the distance, in the return number 50, ascended until the twenty second step, but after fulfilling his last shutdown to change rubbers and to load fuel, it received a penalty by excess of speed in pits made that it back down to position 27.
Milka Duno, that had indicated its better return in turn 48 to an average of 215.817 miles per hour (345.300 kms/h) was battling in a squad of up to four machines when the incident in the first curve happened, the same place where the past 11 of May had undergone a violent shock to almost 300 kilometers per hour. Dallara Honda of the equipment Samax Motorsport completed a complete turn after to touch the inner part of the curved one on grama and left projected towards the outer defenses.
“ we have realized a good race until the moment of the accident - Duno needed - the car is lost completely aerodynamic sustenation when I entered the turbulence that left two cars that were in front of us and that took me by surprise, I tried to control it but I lost unfortunately it and the car went against the defenses. A pain because we were maintaining a wonderful rate, we were in position twenty-two, but in the last shutdown that we did penalized to us to exceed the speed in pits, something that seemed unjust to us because others did also it, and it sent that us to the bottom of the group. But for that sanction, we would have returned between the first twenty and although they still lacked many returns, the yield of our car was very good and we hoped to improve ” much more.
Up to five accidents they were registered in first half of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis, series of shocks that inaugurated the Brazilian Robert “ Brown Pupo ” in return 36, soon in turn 51 the North American Jon Herb beat against the outer defenses, while in turn 65 she was the newcomer Venezuelan Milka Duno the one that hit with its machine against the wall of curved number 1. John Andretti caused the fifth flag of precaution in return 95 and in the resumption of the test, in turn 106, also the inexperienced Phil Giebler hit of violent way in the first curve. All of them lowered by their own means of their single-seaters.
The competition was stopped in the return number 113 of the 200 anticipated due to the rain that became present to 3 of afternoon, situation that forced the authorities to exhibit the red flag that commanded to the participants to the zone of pits. The Brazilian Tony Kanaan was in the first position at the time of being suspended the test, after before surpassing a return to the North American Andretti Frame, with the Danica premises Patrick in the third square, all of them members of the Andretti-Green equipment. Up to 27 cars they were in the track at the time of being suspended the test.
As much Milka Duno as Phil Giebler, protagonists of individual accidents as much in the training as in the race, decided on the distinction like Novice of the Year, designation that the promoters of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis will grant based on the yield exhibited throughout the month of competition, joust that in addition was the villa of the seventeen valid ones of the championship IndyCar 2007. The next week the sixth date in the oval of one mile of Milwaukee will take place.
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