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Formula 1
20 of January
Escudería of Formula 1 Williams presented/displayed east Monday in the circuit of the Algarve, in Portimao (South of Portugal), its new single-seater FW31, with which it will dispute season 2009 of the category.
Piloted by the German Nico Hulkenberg, the FW31 color navy blue gave 17 returns to the circuit until being immobilized to a flank of the track after doing I spin a top, stated the AFP.
The Technical Director of Williams, Sam Michael, said: “This morning the track was very wet, but the climatology has in fact not affected the work that we had predicted, since our objective era to put the car in track, to review the systems nothing else and. That yes, would be good for rolling something more on dry, and according to the meteorological forecasts so week subtraction seems that we will be able to do it. As far as the first impressions of the car, we have evidently today not had time to work in the completion or its yield, but until now all good.”
Michael valued: “The changes in the aerodynamic regulations are deepest and those than greater impact will have in the time by return. There are many visual changes that are appraised at first, but also small reductions in different parts from the car. Beginning by the front part of the single-seater, the design of the front aileron has been modified and is different completely. The fins are missing person, whereas in the cover of the motor no longer it appears the traditional chimney, which has caused that the exits of air are higher and wide to improve the exit of the hot air. By all means, the return of the smooth tires supposes another important change, since also they influence in the global aerodynamics of the car. And finally also it is the introduction of system KERS, another technical newness for this year.”
Michael continued: “The aerodynamics will be probably the key in both first thirds of the season”, indicated, although also it recognized that the return of the smooth tires will be another significant change in 2009. “To find the optimal distribution of the weight to optimize the yield of the tires also she will be one of the great priorities in 2009. The KERS will be another element that will contribute to improve the yield”, confirmed Michael.
Nico Hulkenberg, aircraft commander who has rolled to the steering wheel of the FW31, has felt trusting with the car, but naturally it emphasized the difference that exists with the previous cars. “The car has behaved well from the beginning, I have felt comfortable to the steering wheel and to be a new car, the morning has been very good, without technical problems, which is important. By all means all we want to know the sooner what will be its yield in comparison with the single-seater of the 2008 and what impact has had the changes in the norm from the point of view of the pilot. In fact, not yet I can explain too much after the few returns that I have given, since the circuit is new for me and in addition the track was wet, so there is no base for the comparison. If we had rolled in Sherry or Barcelona on dry, then yes we could do an idea to us. But most important today it was to assure to us that all the basic systems of the car respond and to confirm that everything works correctly. And thus it has been, so we can be contentments.”

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