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Formula 1
15 of January
Escudería Toyota has been second in keeping awake its single-seater for season 2009 of Formula 1. The Japanese set hope that this is, finally the season in which begins to fight with the sharpshooting equipment.
“After eight years in Formula 1 already we have gained a great experience and we have improved of considerable form”, explained John Howett. “There are many elements of our equipment that are at the high level, so the challenge now is to take terrain and to assure to us that to the maximum all our organization renders. For it everything must work well and thus we will secure the successes by which so it last we are fighting.”
Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock will be again the titular pilots of the equipment, accompanied by Kamui Kobayashi like probador. “In my opinion best Toyota has one of the pilot training of Formula 1 and very I am deluded to verify than they are able with the TF109”, commented Tadashi Yamashina. “Both pilots demonstrated the past season that if has a competitive car they can fight with the best ones of the world, so our east challenge year is to offer a car them that allows them to more often do it.”
Jarno Trulli: “ Tengo confidence in the equipment and my expectations is high. I hope to be able to fight by the first victory of the equipment, is my dream. The F1 is tremendously competitive, so I believe that we will have one season very interesting. I hope to follow the progress that we initiated in 2008 and to be able to fight to gain ”.
On the changes in the regulation, Trulli said: “ Is a so great change that it is impossible to predict how will affect the equipment, but Toyota has capacity to adapt to everything and I hope therefore that this season offers to great opportunities ” us.
Glock has only taken the exit until now in 22 Great Prizes of F1, but the past year rendered at a good level in his first complete season in the world-wide one. “If we reviewed the cars in which there are been competing during last the five years, the truth is that they are quite different: the Jordan in 2004, later the Champ Car, the GP2 and Toyota TF108. And I have been competitive with all of them”, commented Glock. “That demonstrates the express that I can adapt to a so different car, so it does not worry the numerous changes to me that have been introduced in the F1 for season 2009.”
The Chief of a main directorate of the equipment, Pascal Vasselon, comments: “This complete program has represented a greater exigency for our company than no other project again car in which I have participated.”

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