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Formula 1
20 of January
Renault kept awake east Monday in the circuit of the Algarve, Portimao, in the south of Portugal, its new Formula 1, the R29, with which the Spanish Fernando Alonso, world-wide bichampion, and the Brazilian Nelsinho Piquet will dispute world-wide the 2009.
“The unique thing that I can say is that I am better preparation than ever and very motivated. In 2009 I have a single objective: to be the champion of the world! Fodder that we can make good races and gain the championship (world-wide). The three or four first Great Prizes are revealed very interesting”, declared in press conference the Asturian pilot, world-wide bichampion.
In the visual aspect it emphasizes the red color of the oil Total along with the increase of the size of the front aileron and the reduction in the buttock to adapt to the norms of the Federation the International of Motoring (IT TRUSTS).
With adapted radical revisions to the new regulation anticipated for 2009, the R29 bases its design on a new philosophy and presents/displays an appearance totally different from its predecessor. Special attention at the time of maximizing the new rules has been lent and the equipment is optimistic with respect to the changes that can be presented/displayed as of this year, since Flavio Briatore has expressed well: “We soon began to prepare the project of the R29 and I am proud than the equipment it has obtained. There are many new things that to confront this year, things that could complicate it everything, but we try to continue fighting by the positions of above. Now we are going to concentrate itself in the last preparatory for the beginning of the season to be able to arrive Australia with options from podio.”
The president of ING. Renault F1, Bernerd King, also emphasized the responsibility that Renault must confront in this new campaign: “This equipment is the test of the ability that has the Renault Group to obtain results and successes at very high level. So that the equipment will be supported by all the group throughout all the challenges that find this year.”
The single-seater shines a new aspect with the symbols of its main sponsoring ING., as well as the showy logo of Total, that confirms a new agreement that will last three years with the French oil group.
“Very we are satisfied to the power to follow with our sponsorship and technological collaboration with the equipment ING. Renault F1”, said Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total. “The Total group Is a great association to be able to work with Renault after an excellent legacy, as well as to be able to give to our mark a good global position. For Total, another essential benefit, to part to gain races of Formula 1 with one of the most exceptional equipment, is to shape our investigations in the track and to try to develop and to distribute new and more efficient products, than they benefit to the conductors from every day under the more demanding conditions of conduction.”

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