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Formula 1
16 of January
The new MP4-24, with which Lewis Hamilton will look for to revalidate title secured the past 2 of November in the circuit of Sao Paulo. It is the third single-seater of 2009 that is known, after the F60 de Ferrari and TF109 of Toyota.
All the members of the equipment have turned upside down in the new car to be able to remove the maximum yield to the new norm, applied to the MP4-24. This prescribed change supposes that the single-seater difference of its predecessor, when incorporating to the car many new features in the aerodynamic aspect, as well as the return of the smooth tires. Not only there is a radical change at visual level, but also it incorporates a great internal newness, the KERS.
The KERS has jointly been developed between McLaren and Mercedes-Benz High Engines Performance, that is been working and improving the system during last the two years. With him, the car will be able to recover the lost energy in the brakings to accumulate it and to use it later. The capacity of exit of the KERS is of 400kJ, granting an extra power of 80 horses during 6.7 seconds by return.
The center of the work of the equipment has happened to be the optimization of the integration of the KERS in the chassis with the aim of diminishing the loss of yield in the rest of elements of the single-seater.
“The past year was very satisfactory for everybody in Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, but when centering to us in 2009 in advance it left us much just a short time for the celebration”, said to the head of the equipment Rum Dennis, that also announced that it will leave his position before begins the season of Formula 1 east year.
“The changes in the norm have only increased our ambition to follow in the competition vanguard and this year our objective is clear: to gain championships both if it is possible”, declared. “They are difficult objectives, but our reason of being is to win”, commented Dennis.
Martin Whitmarsh, executive president of McLaren Fórmula One, will pass to be director of the equipment next the 1 of March, when Dennis happens to other projects of McLaren Group.
“The new norm for 2009 is the greater change in Formula 1 for many years and it hopes that it affects of significant form the competitive parameters of all the equipment”, it emphasized Whitmarsh. “Therefore, the championship of the world of this year will gain by strength, decision and intelligence”, declared. “And the reality is that we felt like preparations very well to fight in anyone of those areas.”
Lewis Hamilton: “The arrival of a new car always is a little while exciting for any pilot of competition. And to keep awake today the MP4-24 has been even more special for me, not only because the car seems impressive, but because I will have the privilege to take nº 1 like champion of the world. I believe that the championship of the world of this year is very open due to the changes in the regulation and that will be very interesting for the fans to the F1. Personally I hope to be able to complete another great season, power to fight by the title, until the last race if it is necessary, although would prefer again that it arrived before.”
Heikki Kovalainen: “I feel like a lucky person to have been able to be seeing how the car was taking forms these last months and I am impressed by the duro work that has become in Woking, Brixworth and Stuttgart. During the winter I have had the opportunity to prepare me for this next season: I have been training hard and working with my engineers to assure to me to be able to begin the championship of the best possible form. With so many new features in the regulation, to adapt quickly will be essential and I feel like more preparation than ever for this new season.”

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