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In the aerodynamic aspect, the change with respect to its predecessor is radical, in agreement with the modifications approved in this aspect by the work group to favor the advancements IT ENTRUSTS and it.
The front, wider aileron and in one more a lower position, counts on two elements in its lateral ones that mark their design. The aerodynamic additions in the chassis practically have been eliminated completely. The membranes that had become so common in the single-seaters have disappeared and the back aileron is much more high and narrow that in the past. The diffuser also has been reduced.
According to the technical director of Ferrari, Aldo Coast, the car was developed “ from zero in a sheet of paper ”, this considering by mainly the new norms on the KERS (Recovery system of Kinetic Energy), the return of the tires “ slicks ” and the aerodynamics.
The director of the equipment, Stefano Domenicali, said that they seted out to combine in the new bolide the history of the F1 and the long bond of Ferrari with the sport.
“This year is particular because everything is new, different and more complicated”, it indicated Domenicali. “Ferrari is the unique equipment that have disputed the 60 championships and for that reason the F60 name. This he is a little while complicated and it is when there is to watch forwards. The objective is that we have a F120 someday”, added. “Our DNA it allows us to continue in this sport and totally we are focused”, affirmed Domenicali.
“We are optimistic even at the moment difficult for all. I am convinced that when we manage to pass this situation complicated, Formula 1 will be stronger than was before.”

Engineering datas

Chassis made in material composed in structure of nest of bee with carbon fiber.
Longitudinal change Ferrari and self-blocking differential.
Sequential semiautomatic commando controlled electronically with fast transition and seven marches of advance more reverse gear.
Autoventilados disk brakes of carbon mark Brembo.
Independent suspensions with prop of reaction and later previous torsion bar/.
Weight (with water, oil and pilot): 605 kg.
Wheels BBS (previous and later) of 13 inches.
System KERS designed by Ferrari in collaboration with Magneti Marelli.

Motor Type 056.
Number of cylinders: 8 motor aluminum Block microfused with architecture in V to 90°.
Number of valves: 32 pneumatic Distribution.
Total piston displacement: 2.398 cm3.
Diameter of the pistons: 98 mm.
Approximate weight: 95 kg.
Electronic injection digital Magneti Marelli.
Electronic ignition static Magneti Marelli.
Fuel: Shell V-Power ULG-66L/2.
Lubricant: Shell.

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Source: Ferrari
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