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Formula 1
20 of January
The German equipment has been the unique one that has chosen Spanish territory to present/display its new single-seater. The selected place has been the Circuit of the Valencian Comunitat, in Cheste, where it has been possible to see the F1.09 for the first time.
The sport director of BMW, Mario Theissen, has assured that the objective of the equipment for this year is to fight by the world-wide title, after four seasons in the grill.
“We have prevailed the goal to improve our yield with respect to the rest of rivals. In 2009 we hoped to maintain our high level of reliability and at the same time to increase our yield to be able to be in front of regular form. We are conscious that the objective is very ambitious, but are in the final phase of our development and normally the last step is most complicated to give”, affirmed Theissen.
However, Theissen remembered that “in the three years of history that has the equipment, BMW Sauber F1 Team always has reached its objectives and we trusted being able to return to do it east year.”
Both official pilots shone by their regularity during the season of 2008. Kubica managed to add the greater amount of points for escudería. In Canada it was able to include his name in the list of the winning pilots of Formula 1. In Bahréin it occupied the first position in the exit grill, in three occasions it managed to rise podio occupying the second place and the goal in the third position did three times after seeing the flag it pictures crossing.
In relation to year 2009, the Pole of Krakow expresses the following desire: “That at the beginning of the season we are as strong as in 2008 and that we pruned to maintain that level until the end.”
His Heidfeld companion secured four second positions and managed to make the two first fast returns of escudería. Before beginning the new season, he affirms the following thing: “The equipment in a moment began to work in the ample required modifications. I trust that we are preparations and I hope anxious that the season begins. Then we will see if it has changed the level of yield between escuderías.”
BMW Sauber F1 Team is preparation intensely to confront the season of 2009 and to reach its ambitious goals. In a moment the tests with system KERS and the new aerodynamic components were carried out. “In the three years of existence of BMW Sauber F1 Team, always we have reached the goals that we seted out and we trusted that also we will manage to do it in the coming years. But no matter how hard all the members of the equipment are very motivated and in spite of the meticulous work of development, this time it is more difficult that never to compare itself with the competition. It is possible to plan the own level of yield, but it is impossible to plan the results.”

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