Perhaps almost nobody remembers these equipment of F1. We considered that they deserve a recognition by the great human and technical effort who realized, with the unique dream of sometimes being the best ones of the world. He was worth the attempt.
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After a successful passage by the smaller formulas, it won in all the categories that competed, Keith Wiggins, proprietor of Pacific Grand Prix, decided that already it was hour sufficient to compete in the maximum specialty of monopostos, Formula 1.

The events of Wiggins include triumphs in the Ford Formula, Formula 3 Briton and Formula 3000 with successful pilots like Christian Fittipaldi, Laurent Aiello, David Coulthard and Eddie Irvine, among others future outstanding steering wheels.

Keith Wiggins, proprietor of Pacific Grand Prix, puts next to flaming model 1994, the PR01
The first attempt to enter Formula 1 from Wiggins happened in 1992, when Keith tried to be associated with escudería Tyrrell, but the agreement never prospered. Then it decided to enter by itself in the championship of the 1993 world, but a series of financial problems delayed the project until 1994, year of the debut of escudería in the world-wide championship of Formula 1. In principle Wiggins tried to seal an agreement with Ford to use impellers Cosworth HB V8, but the money did not reach and hardly Pacific could have the motors Ilmor, a V10 of 3,5 liters, but of specification 1992. Thanks to their long relation with British constructor Reynard, both worked altogether to develop denominated chassis PR01.

To tell the truth the flaming PR01 Lucia quite similar to the Benetton B194 that took to Michael Schumacher to the world-wide title of 1994. The most significant similarities were the high tube and the lateral pontoons. The Pacific had a cross-sectional gear box of six marches developed by Reynard. In the directive face of escudería, Paul Brown was designated as Head of Design, Ian Dawson Team Manager and Paul Engineer Owens of Track.

The best performance of Pacific in 1994 was exactly in the first GP disputed in Brazil. Here into the hands of Bertrand Gachot
With regard to its pilots, the experienced Belgian Bertrand Gachot, ex- pilot of Onyx, Rial, Coloni, Jordan, Lola and Venturi, was summoned like aircraft commander of escudería, whereas the second armchair was payment and Paul Belmondo was in charge to contribute the money sufficient to stay all the season in her. In as much the Briton Oliver Gavin it was designated like pilot to tester of the equipment. The square made its debut in the first competition of calendar 1994, the Great Prize of Brazil.

The equipment register like Pacific Grand Prix Ltd with two cars Pacific PR01 Ilmor 3,5 V10 and Goodyear tires. Pacific practically took the season without patrocinantes and only with the name of the equipment in both sides of the vehicle. In addition Pacific would have to strive to take part from each Great Prize since the amount of competing was of 28, meaning that the equipment would have to both dissolve to last positions qualified with Simtek or other rivals, but with time it was demonstrated that Simtek, also newcomer, would be the rival to win by Pacific.

The French Paul Belmondo never was enabled to lead a Formula 1. Nevertheless its economic contribution saved to the equipment in 1994
In the classification of the first race of the world-wide Gachot it did not have problems to classify 25º, to a respectable difference of 4,767 seconds of the Williams/Renault de Ayrton the right Seine and in front of the Simtek/Ford de David Brabham. Paul Belmondo however could not close any return of classification. Lamentably the experience of Gachot in race lasted very little, only 3 returns product of a collision.

Even so the equipment left satisfied with Brazil, since after the preseason tests nobody in the equipment had too many hopes of which at least one of its cars was classified for the first race. In the following test, disputed in Aída, Japan, both cars were eliminated. Gachot lost the last position at the hands of Roland Ratzenberger de Simtek by 0.391c.

The third date of the world-wide one was disputed in the tragic one and remembered San Marino of 1994, where the Brazilian Ayrton the Seine and the own Austrian Roland Ratzenberger de Simtek, passed away as a result of individual confusions the day respectively Sunday and Saturday. With regard to our men, Gachot only classified 25º. During the Gachot test it reached 18º put until in turn 23 the motor was broken.

Paul Belmondo leads a nourished squad in the Principality of Monaco. The French was pleasant at least to lead in his country
In Monaco the retirement of the Sauber equipment after the terrible accident of its pilot Karl Wendlinger the day Saturday, allowed that both Pacific took part from the Great Prize. First in deserting era Gachot when it broke the gear box after 49 returns, whereas Belmondo retired by own will in turn 53. Little the athletic physical state of the French did not support the exigency of the drawn up one Monegasque.

In Spain Sauber it presented/displayed a single car and the tremendous accident of Andrea Montermini (the reemplazante of Ratzenberger in Simtek) in the classification of the day Saturday, allowed to both Pacific another double entrance him to the GP. To Belmondo it only took 2 returns him to confuse, whereas Gachot climbed until 18º put but it left when its aileron followed to total march.

The following round of Formula 1 was Canada and there this time was Simtek that presented/displayed a single vehicle, with this one of the Pacific had assured the place for the race and as it could not be of another Gachot way it surpassed to Belmondo in the qualifying session. After 47 returns the oil pressure of the Ilmor 3,5 V10 lowered drastically and the Belgian left again.

The PR01 with new low nose during the Great Prize of Japan. The change did not modify in anything the performance of the car
In the Great Prize of France everything returned to normality and 28 cars appeared in the qualifying session. Jean-Marc Gounon became position of the second Simtek and left outside to Gachot by only 0.123c. Belmondo in another planet. From this race the breach of performance between Simtek and Pacific was extended more and more and the British equipment was not classified in no other of the remaining races of the year (the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Europe, Japan and Australia). For instance, in Monza the difference between David Brabham (26º) and classified Gachot was not of 2.768c. Great part of the responsibility fell to the engine efficiency Ilmor.

Even so the best news than received Pacific by the end of 1994 was the retirement of escuderías Larrousse and Lotus. With a single new newcomer equipment in season 1995 (Forti), the amount of competitors ascended to 26 and in this way the British equipment made sure the participation in the 17 dates world-wide the 1995.

Andrea Montermini on Pacific PR02 in occasion of the Great Prize of Europe 1995
Season 1995 took favorable for Pacific. The main newness was in a cooperation agreement and so it was still on of ex- escudería Lotus. It is for that reason that from 1995 would be known the equipment like Pacific Team Lotus. A green and yellow band covered with end to end the new PR02. The design of the same was conferred them to the engineers Frank Coppuck, Peter Ellingham, Geoff Aldridge and the specialist in aerodynamics Dave Watson. Finally the equipment had gotten rid of the Ilmor motor, reaching an agreement finally with Ford to use 3,0 Ford ED V8. The new car differed totally from the previous one. The PR02 counted on a low tube and a design much more integrated. Gachot again was confirmed like pilot whereas the Italian Andrea Montermini would become position of the second car.

Montermini on the pianos in Montecar it. The Italian clearly was very over the yield of his car
Calendar 1995 started again in Brazil and besides already known Simtek, Pacific now arranged a new opponent, the Italian equipment Forti. Gachot was brilliant in Interlagos and 20º in front of six of its rivals was classified. The Pacific not only defeated both to Simtek and Forti, but also that beat to the Footwork/Hart de Taki Inoue and rolled closely together of the Sauber/Ford de Karl Wendlinger. Montermini did not lose footstep to him to his coequiper either and 22º between 26 participants was located. During the Gachot competition one retired soon in turn 23 by breakage of gear box, whereas Andrea Montermini slowly was directed until the flag to pictures. Finally the Pacific finished a race and in addition towards 9º in front of the Forti/Ford de Pedro Diniz, to 6 returns of the winner.

Lamentably it was necessary to hope other 6 races to see a Pacific again arriving at the end of a competition. This happened in the United Kingdom, when the Gachot Belgian culminated 12º. Previous participation of the cars were plagued of incidents. Between Gachot and Montermini they broke in 6 occasions the gear box, this number would increase to the double at the end of the season. They either did not lack the collisions, fires, problems of battery, lack of gasoline, etc.

Andrea Montermini flies on the track of Hockenheim to take to its car to dignísimo 8º put
Even so the moment of glory of Pacific arrived in Germany and the one in charge of the miracle was Montermini. The Italian harvested wonderful 8º put in the filing cabinet after completing 42 returns in the quick one drawing up of Hockenheim. It is certain that the competition was atypical 9 pilots just by classified, but the Pacific only resisted and finalized to 3 returns of the winner Michael Schumacher.

From Germany Bertrand Gachot it was supplanted by the dollars of the Italian Giovanni Lavaggi. Gachot included/understood that it was not a gesture of ingratitude from the equipment, but they needed fresh money to pay the accounts. It is for that reason that Gachot again was summoned for the 2 last races. The money of Lavaggi evaporated quickly and the second armchair of Pacific was monopolized by Swiss Jean-Denis Deletraz after Monza. Lavaggi took part in 4 races and only left in all of them.

Meanwhile Andrea Montermini continued with its good form of Germany arriving 12º in Hungary at 4 returns of Damon Hill. In Portugal a double abandonment of dupla Montermini/Deletraz, whereas in the Great Prize of Europe Swiss culminated 15º to 7 returns of the winner.

Giovanni Lavaggi contributed fresh dollars to remove the taste and to compete in 4 races of Formula 1
In the Great Prize of the Pacific Gachot returned, but like Montermini both left. In Japan another double desertion of both and finally the last test disputed in Adelaida, Australia. There Gachot meticulously was made up to finish them 8º in an elimination race, where Gianni Morbidelli obtained 3º put with the Footwork/Hart.

1995 were one season difficult for Pacific just by 5 arrivals in 17 Great Prizes. Even so two Montermini and put Gachot added to each other 8º. The best thing of Pacific in its short history. In order year was rumored that Pacific had reached an agreement to use Yamaha motors specification '95, but the certain thing is that Pacific did not have the money sufficient to continue. He is for that reason that Keith Wiggins understood that its adventure in Formula 1 had been finished and decided to return to Formula 3000 in 1996, later to leave to the EE.UU to prove luck in series CART.

Photos:,,, John Townsend

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