Perhaps almost nobody remembers these equipment of F1. We considered that they deserve a recognition by the great human and technical effort who realized, with the unique dream of sometimes being the best ones of the world. He was worth the attempt.
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The history of Forti Grand Prix probably represents the last effort amateur of modern Formula 1. A history that is still likeable, until stirring, by the incredible effort of all the members of the equipment to try to improve race after race.

Forti FG01 rolling in the track of Montreal, Canada with Brown Robert to the steering wheel
The certain thing is that escudería Forti Grand Prix, commanded by Guido Forti, would not have existed in the F1 but for the multimillionaire contribution destined by young Brazilian pilot Pedro Diniz. The father of Pedro is proprietor of a gigantic chain of supermarkets of Brazil and for that reason he was not strange that the Forti shone like a gondola with wheels, thanks to the economic support of the milky company Parmalat, the brewer Kaiser, factory Sadia the inlay, Duracell, Arisco and Gillette. Diniz also knew to secure the support of Ford Brazil to replace to the cars with the motors of the mark. Marlboro Latin America also contributed to the budget of the equipment that reached the U$S 7.5 million in his first season.

The first car was conceived by the Argentine designer Sergio Rinland, who then worked for the Fondmetal company. Rinland also was attended by Giorgio Stirano, ex- man of Osella. Aerodynamic engineer Hans Fouche, ex- Brabham, contributed with the design of the single-seater doing the tests in the wind tunnel of Aerotek, in Pretoria, South Africa.

Pedro Diniz was closely together to score in the Great Prize of Australia, last race of season 1995
The model was baptized Forti FG01 and was based on the previous design of Rinland, the GR02 of Fondmetal, used by Gabriele Tarquini in season 1992 with acceptable results. The single-seater was equipped with a motor 3,0 Ford ED V8, the unique accessible motor of those years. In addition the Forti was the unique car of the grill 1995 that counted on transmission manual, that is to say the traditional handle in “H”, unlike the other equipment, that counted on semiautomatic transmission and small levies behind the steering wheel.

Besides Pedro Diniz confirmed like aircraft commander of escudería, Forti resorted to the services of the veteran and experienced Brazilian Brown Robert. “Pupo”, man of thousand battles (it ran in Lotus, AGS, Coloni, Euro Brun, Benetton, Jordan, Minardi and Moda), surely would contribute to the equipment the knowledge to him necessary to develop the flaming machine.

The debut of Forti FG01 happened in the first valid date of world-wide the 1995, the Great Prize of Brazil. The equipment register with the name Parmalat Forti Ford. The advantage of Forti with respect to small others escuderías of previous years, was that the equipment had assured the participation in the 17 races the world-wide one, since that season the number of participants did not surpass the 26 qualified by the regulation of the F1. And the Law of the 107% with respect to the time of pole did not exist either still.

Colored person in occasion of the Great Prize of Brazil. This was the first presentation of Forti in the F1
From the first training of the day Friday it was in evidence that the authentic rivals of Forti would be the cars of Pacific and Simtek, and occasionally the Footwork lead by the frightful Taki Inoue. In the classification of Saturday the experience of Colored person was made feel and Robert located to the first Forti in 23º put to 6,188 seconds of Damon Hill and in front of Verstappen, his coequiper Diniz and the other Simtek de Schiattarella. The difference between Moreno and Diniz was considerable, 1.523c in favor of Robert. Obvious the objective in race was not other that to try to finalize it, at least with one of both cars. And thus it happened, Pedro Diniz finished 10º (last), but to 7 returns of the winner Michael Schumacher and to 1 return of the rival to win, the Pacific de Montermini. Colored person however confused in turn 47 trying to go more express than his Forti he gave. Even so the equipment received to Diniz in box like a hero, and to tell the truth it was not for less, in his first race of the pilot and car this had finished 10º, and still if it went to 7 returns of the winner that one does not count, arrived and point.

The second challenge was the Great Prize of Argentina, in the intricada track of Buenos Aires, where the balance of the chassis counts like never. There Saturday under rain the Forti de Moreno and Diniz rolled the almost 10 second slowest ones than David Coulthard, although both won to Taki Inoue. In competition individual pilots saw the flag pictures, but they were not classified since they did not complete the minimum range established by the regulation, had culminated to 9 returns…

Pedro Diniz to all march in the track of Nurburgring. There it arrived 13º whereas Brown left
The certain thing is that the Forti although they were slow cars and with a deficient aerodynamics, were enough reliable ones, something difficult to find in an equipment of low resources. Diniz was 15º in San Marino and Moreno 16º. In Spain both left. In Monaco Pedro Diniz it concluded 10º. In Canada again both outside. In Brown France he was 16º. Double abandonment in Great Britain like in Germany and Hungary. In Belgium both yellow cars finished the test and they were brilliant, 13º Brown Diniz and 14º to only 2 returns of the winner Michael Schumacher.

But all small equipment always has its moment of glory and this happened in the house of Forti, in Monza. In spite of counting on a aerodynamics drawing up does not cause for super the quick one and with a little motor of power, Pedro Diniz was made up them to finalize 9º to 3 returns of winner Johnny Herbert. All a feat.

In Portugal both Forti lowered to the reality again: 16º Brown Diniz and 17º. In the Great Prize of Europe Pedro it returns to be brilliant arriving 13º in front of the Tyrrell de Tarquini and the Pacific de Deletraz. In the GP of the Pacific another double arrival of both cars whereas in Japan a double abandonment.

Colored person yields the passage to the Benetton de Michael Schumacher. There the Brazilian hit in the entrance of boxes, like David Coulthard
Finally the last test of the season in Australia arrived on the street circuit of Adelaida. There the destiny of Forti and its subsistence in the category could have changed for always. The competition was quite atypical, with many abandonments, which derived in clear chance of Forti to obtain his appraised first point and with this to avoid to pay the expensive expenses of transfer of the equipment from a race to another one. This exactly it was the prize ENTRUSTS that it granted to him to the equipment that has scored in the year. Those that did not score would have to continue paying the expenses during all the following season.

The miracle was closely together to take shape when the Forti de Pedro Diniz turned 7º to very little of the end. To only 3 returns of the picture flag the motor of the classified second, the Ligier/Mugen-Honda of Olivier Panis began to smoke, if Panis left Diniz automatically acceded to 6º put. Nevertheless the obstinate Mugen-Honda motor of Panis resisted until the end and Diniz had to be satisfied with 7º put to 4 returns of the winner Damon Hill.

The joy and the celebration of the best result of Forti in the year were darkened reason why it could have been, and finally it was not. A pain, this result could at least have saved to Forti by a pair of years more.

Colored person flies with his Forti after undergoing the breakage of the back suspension in the Great Prize of Japan
The year had been finished for Forti and the results had not been as discouraging as many create. Pedro Diniz completed the 60,45% of the total of returns of the year and Colored person the 57,75%, in front of equipment very superiors. The best result of the year was secured by Diniz, 7º in Australia besides 9º put in Italy and two 10º places in Brazil and Monaco. All obtained by Pedro, that learned very fast of its Brown companion.

But the destiny of Forti quickly was still sentenced long before which season 1996 begins. Pedro Diniz the majority of the patrocinantes decided to leave the equipment and to leave to Ligier taking with himself. Even so Guido Forti did not occur by won and reunited to a pair of Italian companies (ITS, Rubbing, TaT) that would continue betting to the project.

Forti FG01B during the first race of season 1996. There neither Badoer nor Montermini managed to classify themselves
The equipment renewed for season '96. The more important human acquisition was the arrival of Will stop Fiorio, ex- man of Ferrari, like Team Manager of the equipment. Besides it Forti made sure the ex- official motor Ford Zetec-R V8 used by Sauber during the past season. An impeller coveted by other equipment, but that finally Ford decided to destine it to the Italian equipment. Meaning that their power and trustworthiness were guaranteed 100%.

Forti would begin the season with evolution “B” of the 1995 car. Dupla of pilots was 100% Italian with two very good conductors, Luca Badoer and Andrea Montermini. But unfortunately Forti ran into with its worse enemy of entrance and this was the rule of the 107% imposed by the F1 as of year '96. That is to say, the minimum time of classification of a competitor to take part from the Great Prize could not exceed 7% the time of pole.

In San Marino of 1996 there was a single new Forti available. The same was for Badoer. Here Montermini with the old car
Thus Forti traveled to Melbourne, Australia with very few expectations to take part from the test. It was known that the car of the '95 was very desactualizado, to such point that Badoer was almost 7 second slower than Jacques Villeneuve and second Montermini traveled 10 slower. The long trip was in vain. Forti became with the empty hands.

In Brazil, second valid one of the world-wide one, the FG01B progressed and as much Badoer as Montermini was classified anxiously in both last places. In race once again the Forti demonstrated its virtues as trustworthy car and Badoer arrived 11º at 4 returns of the winner. A worthy action of the Italian. Montermini however left track.

In the GP of Argentina Badoer one was brilliant and it took again to the old Forti to only 4.484c of the time of pole. Montermini also was classified. In Badoer race it was removed from track by the Ligier de Diniz, that surpassed during 24 returns. Montermini arrived 10º at 3 returns.

In the Great Prize of Europe both Forti was eliminated of the classification and the arrival of the new model programmed for San Marino towards wishing every day more. But the equipment was only going to be able to present/display a single new vehicle.

Badoer of head in the Great Prize of Argentina '96. There the Italian was brilliant with a wonderful one released
Finally San Marino arrived and a new one was for Forti in Formula 1. Flaming Forti FG03 was conceived by Chris Radage and finally finished by Riccardo de Marco. The car would be in the hands of Luca Badoer and Lucia very different from the previous model. The design presented/displayed a totally high tube, almost to the same height of the helmet of the pilot and a worked aerodynamics visibly more.

There was no time for tests since the FG03 was finished the worried ones. The car just was proven in the official training of the Great Prize and in the second second Badoer session it only rolled 4 slower than Damon Hill, and his time he was very near the registered ones by the cars of Ligier, Footwork and Minardi. In the Badoer classification it only surpassed to Montermini in the old Forti by a little more 1,6 seconds. But in race the FG03 impelled by Ford Zetec-R V8 showed what was worth arriving 10º at 4 returns of the winner, but with two penalties to exceed the speed limit in pits. The car rolled to very good rate, its better registry in race was of 3.495c only slower than the one of Damon Hill. Before a Forti never had been so close. The new car not only was much more fast, but also reliable, the old Guido Forti smiled proud, but the money of its pockets evaporated quickly and the patience of Ford and other suppliers began run out itself. The payments were delayed every day more.

New Forti FG03 during its debut in San Marino. Nótese the tube lifted to its maximum
The following date was in Monaco and there both Forti difficulties were classified without majors, now already both with the new car. Badoer was closely together to escape to the Footwork de Rosset in the classification. The competition was a chaos, only 4 cars saw the flag pictures. Luca Badoer only could have finished 5º easily staying in track, but instead of that it closed the door to him to Jacques Villeneuve when it was going this it to only escape to 15 turns of the end. The best opportunity of Forti had disappeared, this time because of Badoer. The points were there, was only necessary to gather them.

In Spain the deception struck hard to Forti. Still with the new and promising car no was classified. To this height, previous to the Great Spanish Prize, the economic situation of Forti was critical and there it was when a mysterious group of Irish origin called Shannon Organization proposed to him to Guido Forti to become position of the debts of the equipment in exchange for 51% of the equipment. Forti accepted, was this last one or to be devoured by the creditors. Without time that to lose the cars shone the green and white color in the Spanish day.

The Forti de Montermini with the colors green and white of the Shannon group
During the Great Prize of Canada both cars did not disappoint. Luca Badoer went 20º to 3,9 seconds of Damon Hill and in front of Ricardo Rosset. Andrea Montermini also was classified with the smoky motor and striking the Canadian walls in more than an occasion. During the competition both retired by mechanical problems. The Forti no longer received the same maintenance of before and the pilots did what they could with spent mechanical elements.

In the Great Prize of France everything exploded. Forti did not receive any payment from Shannon and this last group was not either made position of the debts as there was fiance', especially the one of Cosworth, to that had a succulent amount to him of money. Guido Forti tried to refute the agreement, but the same already it had been signed. Even so Badoer and Montermini appeared in the classification and managed to take part from the race. The tired one and mistreating FG03 followed without disappointing them. The nobleman Ford Zetec-R V8, the same that had used in previous races, continued being expressed by his pilots, still with the millaje recommended by Cosworth totally overcome. If until it seemed that the same car strived to the maximum to demonstrate the good thing that it was in a tense and critical situation, on the verge of exploding like a pump.

Shannon Organization promised to settle the debts of Forti and to recover the equipment
Fiorio intuited the end of everything and it left the equipment in France being supplanted by Daniele Coronna. Finally the Great Prize from Great Britain, the last race of Forti in the world-wide one arrived. Cosworth refused to replace of new impellers to the equipment and the mechanics decided that it was not good for continuing both wearing away unique motors in the training. It is why Badoer and Montermini would only turn in classification. Both cars only completed 2 returns and at the same time the V8 exploded surrounded in a smoke cloud. It was not possible more to be asked to them. Everything had finished, even so, and with both hurt motors of death the car registered a time of the 8 second slowest ones than the one of pole obtained by Damon Hill.

Guido Forti did not occur by won and went to the Italian court demanding that recovered the total control to him of the equipment. For surprise of Forti, the court of its country failed in his against and to him it continued granting the control Shannon Organization. Incredibly the equipment traveled to the competition of Germany, clear that no of the cars left pits, since there were motors no installed in the single-seaters…

Forti FG03 shines proud in the “Aintree Racing Drivers' School”. The car maintains the traditional color yellow of Forti and at the moment it continues adding kilometers
The end of history is unjust and sad, finally when Forti had an acceptable machine the equipment remained without money and to make matters worse Guido Forti lost control of little that was of its equipment. But the FG03 did not deserve to finish neglected or broken in some shed. In January of 2000 the “Aintree Racing Drivers' School” was sent, a British school of competition pilots that offer the opportunity to drive race cars, among them two F1, and then of what vehicles treat, of legendary Forti FG01 and FG03, which they continue rugiendo at full speed by the British tracks. The spirit of Forti still stays alive!

Photos:,,,, Herb Edgecomb, Aintree Racing Drivers' School

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