Perhaps almost nobody remembers these equipment of F1. We considered that they deserve a recognition by the great human and technical effort who realized, with the unique dream of sometimes being the best ones of the world. He was worth the attempt.
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After replacing motors to equipment clients during two seasons, the Italian mark Lamborghini decided that it was hour to construct his own car and to become next to Ferrari in integral equipment of Formula 1. Lamentably the adventure of Lambo was not going to be as they wanted.

Lamborghini made debut like motorist in Formula 1 with this Lola LC88B. Philippe Alliot obtained some outstanding results
Lamborghini took its adventure in F1 in season 1989, when the Italian company/signature constructed a V12 motor to 80º of 3,5 liters for escudería Lola. The results of that one year were not excellent, but either disastrous. The motor was broken in repeated occasions, but in an opportunity the French Philippe Alliot marked 5º time of classification and in two occasions place occupied 7º. In race the French pilot arrived 6º in Spain giving him the first point at the Italian motorist.

In 1990 Lamborghini the bet raised and also it motorized to escudería Lotus. The motors continued failing, but less and less, and the good results did not take in arriving. The French Eric Bernard de Lola arrived 4º in the United Kingdom and 6º in Monaco and Hungary, whereas Derek Warwick de Lotus finalized 5º in Hungary and 6º in Canada. On the other hand Aguri Suzuki de Lola shone arriving 6º in the United Kingdom and Spain and raised podio (3º) in Japan.

Very good result of Nicola Larini in its debut with Lambo 291. The equipment never would more return to equal that one result
With these good Lamborghini antecedents it decided that already it was hour to construct his own chassis, although without stopping providing motors to another equipment, that in this case would be Ligier. In the summer of 1990 the first prototype of Lambo already was ready to roll. The project was going to be financed by the Mexican businessman Fernando González Moon, that had promised to disburse $ 20 million dollars. Clear that this money never arrived, since González Moon was escaped from a day for the other. Even so Lambo followed ahead.

The selected pilot to testear flaming Lamborghini 291 was the Italian Mauro Baldi de Alfa Romeo, but finally the selected conductors were the Italian Nicola Larini and the pilot Belgian Eric goes of Poele. Mario Tolentino would take care of the car of Larini, whereas Dave Morgan would take care of go of Poele.

The first round of calendar 1991 was disputed in the drawn up one street of Phoenix, EE.UU. escudería appeared There with the name of Modena Team SpA with two units Lambo 291 driven by motors Lamborghini 3,5 V12, Goodyear tires and Agip lubricants. The expectations were high, but without forgetting that it was the first competition of individual vehicles.

Larini battling in the streets of Phoenix. Nótese the novel design of the lateral pontoons in the style of Caza of aviation
Ayrton the Seine de McLaren/Honda marked pole position that one day with a registry of 1 ' 21.434. Nicola Larini on the other hand to time 1 ' 25,791 and reached 17º time of the day. Nothing badly for being the first time. Larini was in front of other 17 rivals. The Erics go of Poele underwent mechanical disadvantages and she could not be classified. During the Larini competition one stayed remote of the incidents and it advanced until the outstanding 7º final square of the filing cabinet, after 2 hours of race. The Italian finished to 3 returns of the Seine but demonstrating the reliability of the model 291 in his first participation.

Nevertheless the engineers of Lamborghini never would have imagined that this result was far going to be by the best one of all the history of Lambo like integral equipment, and that their cars were only going to take part from a Great Prize in 5 occasions more.

The Erics go of Poele shone like never in San Marino, but after that one race its motivation evaporated quickly
The second round of the calendar took I finish in Brazil. There neither Nicola Larini nor the Erics go of Poele managed to classify themselves to take part from the competition. In San Marino the Belgian took part from the race from 21º put of grilla, whereas Larini was eliminated. The equipment only aspired to culminate the race. Nevertheless with passing of the returns they go of Poele was advancing and gaining positions of way maintained until reaching of surprising way 5º place to very little of the end. When Modena Team SpA already get ready to celebrate the obtaining of his first 2 points of the season, problems with the fuel pressure left a heartbroken one go of Poele to the side of the way. It was a tremendous deception for the equipment, hardly lacked 4 returns for the end. The miracle had slipped to them of the hands.

After San Marino already nothing would be equal for the Italian equipment. The frustration was appropriated the spirit of escudería after 5 consecutive eliminations (Monaco, Canada, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom). Just in Germany finally one of his cars it again took part from a Great Prize. Larini classified 24º and a collision in to the first left it outside curve. The anxiety gained the Italian young person to him.

In Hungary Larini it would have a small revenge, since again it classified 24º and after 74 returns it saw the flag pictures for the second time in the season. It concluded 16º to 3 returns of Ayrton the Seine. The consolation was thin for a motorist like Lamborghini that had known to add points of regular way the past season.

Both cars eliminated in Belgium, but in Italy Larini were classified again and go of Poele eliminated by 9º consecutive time. Definitively the Belgian already was lost all their motivation. Nicola concluded last in the Great Prize of house (Italy) to 5 returns of the Williams/Renault de Nigel Mansell.

Towards sometimes necessary to use it has more of the track to classify to the Lambo. Lamentably to Eric they go of Poele did not reach to him
In Portugal, Spain and Japan the fiasco of escudería would be accentuated still more with 3 consecutive eliminations. In Australia, last valid of the world-wide one, Larini showed to its class in the classification obtaining 19º put of grilla 3.895c of poleman. Definitively in the street circuits the yield of the car Lambo 291 improved remarkably, but to a large extent this had to the capacity of its Italian steering wheel. The adventure of Nicola in race only lasted 5 returns product of a confusion. The adventure of Lambo like integral equipment had been finished to the year and in this way.

The balance of the year was 100% dissapointing one. Their cars only took part in 6 from the 16 Great Prizes of the year. In 6 mentioned occasions one of his pilots it was only classified, whereas the other always was eliminated in the qualifying session. Nicola Larini took part in 5 competitions (finished in 3 and it left in the other 2) and the pilot Belgian Eric go of Poele in 1 and left.

The design of Lambo 291 was very pleasant, with a profile very sharpened and a worked aerodynamics. Pity that did not work
The lack of organization of escudería Italian was total, in San Marino, 3º date of the world-wide one, Jaime Manca Graziadei, member of the equipment thought: “There has not really been much organization of any class with the exception of the one of Mauro (Forghieri) that did not leave anybody except him, exerts influences in the direction of the equipment.”

Escudería French Ligier, that season '91 used the same Lamborghini 3,5 V12 de Lambo, had one season decent much more, although no of its two pilots managed to add points, although it was close in a pair of occasions.

Lamborghini decided to dissolve to the equipment in order season, but it continued providing with motors other two equipment in 1992 (Minardi Team and Venturi Larrousse) with thin results, whereas in 1993 (last year of the motorist in F1) it only continued with Larrousse.


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