Perhaps almost nobody remembers these equipment of F1. We considered that they deserve a recognition by the great human and technical effort who realized, with the unique dream of sometimes being the best ones of the world. He was worth the attempt.
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The history of Coloni later goes back to a successful equipment of 3 Formula and Formula 3000. With very good results in both categories, Coloni, plenty of enthusiasm and ambition decided to enter to the maximum category of the world by the end of the '80. As it happened to Onyx, AGS and Eurobrun, Enzo Coloni thought that his profits obtained in smaller formulas it would be all the necessary one to be successful in the queen of all the categories.

Enzo Coloni knew and much of competition, pilot of F3 in Italy from 1976 to 1982, later retired in order year to dedicate itself exclusively to the integral direction of his equipment. Pilots of the stature of Ivan Capelli, Alessandro Santin, Alex Caffi and Nicola Larini knew to win with the cars of the “Wolf”, as was called it to Enzo Coloni.

After its successful passage by the Italian F3, Enzo Coloni gave the jump to Formula 3000 with a chassis March lead by the sensation of the moment, the Italian Gabriele Tarquini. The results were not the hoped ones, Tarquini only finished 10º in the championship adding points in two occasions.

Coloni FC187 in occasion of 31º Great Prize Uncle Pepe of Spain. Nótese the motor Ford V8 in the open
The equipment decides to only participate in provisional form in two competitions of Formula 1 of 1987. 6 of September of 1987 Coloni FC187 impelled by a motor Ford 3,5 Cosworth DFZ V8 and Goodyear tires, tried to take part from 58o Great Prize d'Italia. The equipment register with the name of Enzo Coloni Racing Car System and a single car at the hands of the Italian Nicola Larini.

In spite of the efforts of Larini, the Coloni could not be classified being surpassed by its Frank compatriot Forini, with a Osella/Alfa Romeo, for almost 2 seconds. The best return of Larini was nothing than 12.261c less slow than the time of pole position, in the power of the Williams/Honda of Nelson Piquet.

Passed the evil drink of Italy, Coloni decided to absent itself in the following date to dispute itself in Portugal to appear in Spain, 13º valid date of the world-wide one of F1. This time was more luck for escudería Italian since the efforts of Larini bore their fruits obtaining to classify themselves to take part from the race in the last position. The dispute between Larini and Caffi, the other pilot of Osella was death, to such point that Larini only gained the position to him by 0.087c, clear that both marked to a return 8 seconds and average slower than they poleman, again Piquet. But it did not matter, Coloni already was part of history and one of its cars would less take part from a Great Prize of F1 nothing.

Unfortunately the adventure in race lasted little less than 13 minutes, since in the eighth return the suspension of the FC187 was broken. Then Larini marched 22º between 25 competitors, nothing badly, but everything partly thanks to the impetus and speed of the young Italian promise. In 8 Larini turns it only marked 24º faster registry of the competition little more than 6 seconds of Berger, and over Adrián Fields and Pascal Fabre.

Gabriele Tarquini leading by the streets of the Principality. There it had to leave by breakage of the suspension
Still they reduced other three dates for the conclusion of exercise '87, but for Coloni adventure 1987 had finalized. In 1988 Nicola Larini march of Coloni and is an armchair in Osella. Enzo then Coloni resorts to a good pilot met by him, Gabriele Tarquini. This it would not disappoint to the “Wolf” classifying itself with certain tranquility in the first race of the calendar, disputed in Jacarepaguá, Brazil. Baptized model FC188 maintained traditional Ford Cosworth V8.

The action of Tarquini in that one race was outstanding, reaching 14º put in turn 35. Lamentably he returned again there to fail the suspension of the car and the Italian remained of on foot. Even so the enthusiasm of Enzo Coloni and its pilot Gabriele Tarquini was in rise. The Italian marked 20º faster time of the race little more than 4 seconds of Berger, one more a difference than acceptable for an equipment of so under budget as Coloni. But the best thing still was about to arrive.

In San Marino the FC-188 rendered to plenary session and Tarquini surprised with an excellent registry the day Saturday. Pity that had to retire soon after the end
The second date of world-wide the 1988 was disputed in San Marino and there Tarquini made jump the bank marking 17º time in the classification, in front of equipment like Minardi, Lola, March, Tyrrell, Would cut with a scythe, etc. Enzo Coloni did not fit in himself of its joy the day Saturday, but Sunday the things did not leave as all in the equipment hoped. Tarquini was not so competitive in race and with great difficulty it stayed in 18º put until in 40 turn the car underwent an feeding problem and it paused. They hardly lacked 20 returns for the picture flag.

Anyway the advance of the equipment was significant. To classify itself for a Great Prize no longer was a martyrdom and it demonstrated it to Tarquini classifying itself in the following three races of Monaco, Mexico and Canada. In the Gabriele Principality it only completed 5 returns after breaking the suspension again. But in Mexico finally the car resisted and Tarquini culminated 14º to 5 turns of the winner. In race it beat to one of the cars of Zakspeed and to a March.

Tarquini battling in the Great Prize of Belgium of 1988. There it left again when it marched 16º
Finally the moment arrived from glory for the modest Italian equipment. It weighs to have classified with the last breath, Tarquini shone in the Canadian track of Montreal arriving in a substitute 8º put at only 2 returns of the winner. The action of the Italian was skillful, exceeding nothing less than to six rivals in the final classification. In addition Tarquini finalized in the same turn of the pilot who reaped the last point of the filing cabinet (6º), Jonathan Palmer de Tyrrell/Ford. This would be the best action of a Coloni car in its brief demurrage in F1.

Nevertheless from the Great Prize of EE.UU disputed in Detroit, the race following to Canada, everything began to crumble. Gabriele did not manage to classify itself in four consecutive races (EE.UU., France, the United Kingdom and Germany). The sudden fiasco of the equipment had partly to the stagnation in the development of the car, whereas the direct rivals of Coloni (Osella, Lola, Zakspeed, March, Euro Brun, Minardi, etc.) improved their vehicles race after race.

But there is bad that lasts one hundred years and Tarquini returned to take part from a Great Prize in Hungary, obtaining no 22º put in front of nine of his rivals. In race the Coloni demonstrated to be a trustworthy car and the Italian arrived last (13º) at 5 returns of the winner Ayrton the Seine. In Belgium Gabriele he ran and he left soon after the end by a direction problem.

In house (Italy) again outside. In Portugal Gabriele it above takes from the last position and anteúltimo to 5 turns of Prost. To Coloni they reduced three opportunities more, Spain, Japan and Australia to him. In no of the three the car manages to classify itself, being the most dissapointing the one of Australia when it is only eliminated by 0.135c.

Brown Robert under an intense rain in San Marino. The equipment did not render in this race and both pilots did not classify themselves
Exercise 1988 for Coloni culminates to that only will reduce three seasons to him more of life in the F1, but the equipment far will be to equal the performance of the past season. 1989 were an authentic Calvary for escudería. Coloni began the year with an up-to-date version of car '88 denominated FC-188B and with the inclusion of one second unit at the hands of the French Pierre Henri Raphanel. The other was to him trusting to the Brazilian outstanding Brown Robert.

Quickly it was in evidence that the update of car '88 was not sufficient to confront the season with dignity. Coloni did not manage to classify any of its two cars in four of the five first races of the season. Safe in Montecar it thanks to the skill of its pilots the equipment took part from the competition, leaving both.

Brown Robert strived and took part from the Great Prizes of Canada (left when he marched in a substitute 9º put) and the United Kingdom (abandonment by breakage of gear box), whereas Raphanel was satiated and left after the race of Hungary. Its successive one was the Italian Enrico Bertaggia, that did not manage to classify itself in any on its six attempts.

The Coloni C3 de Moreno flies after being struck by another competitor. There Robert secured historical the better result of Coloni in a classification, 15º
The Great Prize of Portugal disputed in Estoril would see shine like never to the Coloni lead by “Brown Pupo”. Likeable the Brazilian flew in the drawn up one Portuguese obtaining 15º put of the filing cabinet to 2,7 seconds of only poleman. Colored person beat to cars such as Benetton, Lola, Tyrrell, Dallara and Lotus among others. Lamentably in race the enthusiasm lasted little, only 11 returns and Robert of on foot by electrical problems. A pain, because that day the Coloni was more competitive at the time.

That season in the F1 was everything for Coloni. Spain, Japan and Australia of 1989 were disastrous for the Italian equipment with three attempts of classification bankrupts. Colored person not yet had been received from magician, too much had done until that then.

Without doubts this it is the worse car of all the history of Coloni. The motor Subaru 3,5 F12 was the main person in charge of it
Coloni would remain more in the category by two seasons, 1990 and 1991. In 1990 Coloni it took the season with the novel incorporation of the Japanese motorist Subaru, giving him the economic impulse that the equipment needed. The motor, a V12 of 3,5 liters, was an authentic fiasco never before seen in the F1. The conductive poor man in suffering it was the Belgian Bertrand Gachot, being this enters 12 and 20 second slower! that the time of they poleman in repeated occasions.

The adventure of Subaru in F1 lasted until the United Kingdom, luckily never to return more. Coloni retook to the motors Ford Cosworth (V8) that differed enormously from I generate previous (V12). The chassis had been constructed for the Subaru motor and the equipment never managed to connect Ford properly. As Gachot result were not classified in any of the competitions, although with better yield than the previous impeller.

The Coloni C4 de Pedro Chaves did not manage to take part from any race of 1991. Nótese the total absence of patrocinantes in the car
But the old “Wolf” did not surrender and in 1991 it took anger and it drained his pockets to construct the C4, his last model of F1, that into the hands of ignoto Portuguese Pedro Chaves never was able to take part from a Great Prize. The C4 model counted on the motor Ford 3,5 Cosworth DFR V8, but the mechanics of the equipment never managed to find the balance of the car, added to this the equipment crossed by a deep economic crisis. The end of Coloni was pathetic. The Japanese Naoki Hattori moved to Chaves of the equipment in last the two races (Japan and Australia) contributing some fresh dollars. Other this to say that it was not classified in any of them…

He was everything for Coloni in the maximum category. It turns out incredible to think as the equipment were maintained during two years without taking part from no competition. Drowned in debts the “Wolf” it for sale put his equipment, that was bought in its integrity by the mysterious Italian businessman Andrea Sassetti, in 8 million pounds sterling. Sassetti denominated to the new Andrea equipment Fashion Formulates, but this already is another history…


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