Perhaps almost nobody remembers these equipment of F1. We considered that they deserve a recognition by the great human and technical effort who realized, with the unique dream of sometimes being the best ones of the world. He was worth the attempt.
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The demurrage of the Andrea equipment Fashion Formulates in the F1 can be considered like one of the most resounding fiascos of the maximum category. Escudería started up by the end of 1991, when the Coloni equipment was acquired in its integrity by the mysterious businessman Andrea Sassetti, in 8 million pounds sterling.

McCarthy tried to classify itself in San Marino, but its second time was of 10,672 slower than the one of Michele Alboreto, but fast of the Prequalification - the Photo: © John Townsend
The equipment listed for the beginning of calendar 1992 two old woman chassis Coloni C4, with motors Judd 3,5 V10 and gear box Would cut with a scythe, whereas the pilots new recruits by Andrea Fashion Formulate, were Alex Caffi and Enrico Bertaggia. Considering deficiencies of ex- chassis Coloni (in 1991 it was not classified in any of the 15 competitions to that one appeared), added to the little reliability of the Judd motors, towards lack not to be a “fortune teller” to intuit the results of similar combination.

In the first date of the calendar, South Africa, escudería did not participate by a dispute with the organizers, who demanded a payment to him of 100,000 dollars for honoraria, for being a new equipment. Sassetti refused to pay this sum being based on previous cases, like those of March/Leyton House, Arrows/Footwork and Osella/Fondmetal, that did not pay this canon either, when changing its denomination.

For the second presentation of the category, in Mexico, the equipment constructed two new single-seaters baptized S921 on the basis of a design of Nick Wirth, of the Simtek company. Andrea Fashion Does not formulate either could compete in Mexico, since it arrived behind schedule at the circuit by delays in the airline.

In Brown Spain it broke the motor, his McCarthy companion not even could leave boxes - Photo: © John Townsend
Finally in the third date, the GP of Brazil, got ready a single machine, the flaming S921 Fashion with motor Judd 3,5 V10, Goodyear tires and Agip lubricants. The new pilot was the local Brown Robert, without doubt, the best capital of the equipment. As he anticipated myself, Colored person did not classify itself, obtaining a time of the 1 ' 38,569, 16,408 second slower than fastest one of the Prequalification, the Venturi/Lamborghini de Bertrand Gachot.

Brazil was back, but nothing changed in Spain and San Marino, in these two last dates, already with a second car at the hands of the Briton Perry McCarthy, who towards its debut in the category …

17 minutes the adventure of Colored person in Monaco lasted, until the motor was broken. It marched in decent 19º put - Photo: © John Townsend
But the miracles exist, and to thus it demonstrated Brown Robert it in the following date in Monaco. Pure heart, the Brazilian marked 3º quicker registry in the Prequalification and to begin with obtained the last place of grilla. The Andrea Fashion Formulates already was part of history! The adventure in race lasted 11 turns, when the Judd motor was broken. For that then, Colored person marched 19º between 26 participants. As well, the Brazilian marked 22º quicker registry of the race.

The economic crisis stops already after Monaco was untenable, the same Perry McCarthy admitted that during the sunny qualifying session in Silverstone, during the Great British Prize, the mechanics placed tires to him of rain when not counting on smooth for want of money …

The Fashion without any sponsor in Great Britain. Nótese the rain tires in a radiating day of sun…
The equipment never would more return to classify itself for a Great Prize, and the adventure in the F1 was going to last 5 races more. During the weekend of race of the GP of Belgium, Andrea Sassetti, was arrested under the position of fraud by the local Police. To the equipment it was prohibited to participate him by the rest of the season.

Of the mysterious Sassetti, little it was known later, although it is said that when somebody mentions Monaco to him, their eyes are illuminated to him and outlines a smile…

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