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Contáctenos reserves the publication right. will not previously respond formulated consultations.

Consultation: Which is the terminal velocity reached about a F1 and a car of NASCAR?
Author of the consultation: Stranger
Answer: The terminal velocity of a F1, was registered in the main straight line of the Nazionale Automobile race track I gave Monza, this record shows the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya to controls of a McLaren MP4-20 (last generation of single-seaters equipped with V10 motors), and reached the 372 Km/h., in free training. In race the record shows Kimi Räikkönen with already mentioned MP4-20, at a speed of 369 Km/h. The Honda equipment the past summer took to a single-seater “preparation” to the desert of Bonneville (Utah, the USA), where the single-seater cleared the 400 Km/h. As far as the cars of the NASCAR, I have understood that they reach a terminal velocity of about 320 Km/h. (Always approximately).

Consultation: Hello, my name is Rosveig and I am of Barcelona. My consultation is due to a conversation with friendly in which we discussed whatever must gain a pilot of F1. The winners, we imagined much that, but The ones that usually do not score. We know by the motorcycles that are pilots who are forced to contribute money to their equipment, It also passes this with Formula 1. Thank you very much by your time. Greetings, Ros.
Author of the consultation: Rosveig of Barcelona, Spain
Answer: Right now, with the new equipment (Toro Rosso and Spyker) replacing Jaguar and Minardi, I believe that no longer the case occurs, but for only two years, I have not known if it remembers that in the middle of season Patrick Friesacher it was replaced by Robert Doornbos, since the sponsors of Friesacher were delayed in a payment to Minardi, and these escuderías partly survived of those income… in addition the unique remuneration to these pilots was a part of the prizes. As far as the pays of the pilots of the small equipment, David Coulthard has a symbolic wage accompanied by premiums of 100,000 dollars by secured point.

Consultation: First of all, thank you very much to respond it asks previously, reviewing on Nigel Mansell, I noticed 2 small things perhaps you you will know, seeing some photos I saw that in their cars the numbers always were of red color, like the 5 or the 2, and the one of their companions for example the one of Patrese was of white color (6), To what it had that difference? , and the other is, How many GP and as, participated Mansell without taking their peculiar moustache?
Author of the consultation: Iván Godoy of Caracas, Venezuela
Answer: Indeed the circle of the bottom of the numbers of Nigel Mansell era of red color, since it asked that it was painted of that way. As far as the one of the moustache it is impossible to me to answer that question, since at the moment any data base does not exist in which they appear the hair characteristics of the pilots.

Consultation: It would want to know to whichever desire Michael Schumacher by return, if that account can be removed.
Author of the consultation: Iván Godoy of Caracas, Venezuela
Answer: Considering that calculates that the pay of Michael Schumacher is approximately of 45 million dollars, without counting the publicity, and considering that in this season runs a total of 1207 returns, the calculations throw the chilling number of 37282.54 dollars by return.

Consultation: I would like to know whatever gained Juan Pablo Montoya in the F1 and whatever could win in the NASCAR? , also it would want to know the average of speed that is handled in the NASCAR. Thanks for the attention.
Author of the consultation: Jose Luis Reigns B. of Colombia
Answer: One says that the pay of Montoya in McLaren approached the 12 million dollars, I do not know exactly whatever will win in the NASCAR, but it will be rather less than what won in Formula 1. The cars of the NASCAR, to always run in oval circuits made up of two great straight lines and two long peraltadas curves, reach the 400 very high speeds that can get to go up to around Km/h.

Consultation: I am called Pedro and had a pair of questions on mechanics. What differentiates is between a car with 6 cylinders in line and a car with 6 cylinders in V? , Because it is so excellent that a car has cylinders in V? , What is mainly a V engine? , What is better a car with 6 cylinders in line or a car with 6 cylinders in V. I have a Volvo 740 2,4 liters of 6 cylinders, It is a good motor?
Author of the consultation: Pedro Ways
Answer: The difference between a car with a motor with 6 cylinders in line and six in V, is mainly the disposition of the cylinders in the motor. The ideal as far as the benefits of a motor would be a disposition in line, but it has a disadvantage, the space that occupies, that evidently is more in the case of the disposition in line. The 2,4 liters of Volvo are a good motor, is not exceptional but it is quite good.

Consultation: Good day, my name is Miguel Madrid Angel, is of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, has curiosity to know whichever money gain the pilots of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher for example.
Author of the consultation: Miguel of Honduras
Answer: The pays of the pilots of F1 vary according to the pilot, the equipment and his cachet, but they go from the 35 million dollars that Michael Schumacher gains, without counting what publicity and merchandizing win by, happening through 19 million that gain Kimi Räikkönen and Ralf Schumacher, the 12 of Juan Pablo Montoya, 7/8 million that Fernando Alonso gains, to the peculiar pay of points that as if a commercial one it was desire 100,000 dollars by each secured point. It is necessary to consider that is not including the publicity and merchandizing that esteem that in the case of Michael Schumacher, their income could reach the 42 million annual dollars (always speaking of annual pays)

Consultation: In the race of yesterday (GP of Australia), Because it did not leave from the last Montoya row? , in theory it is not possible to be advanced in the row of formation, nor in the return of heating.
Author of the consultation: Alexander of Spain
Answer: It is not possible to be advanced to anybody in the formation return, but this it is another case, Juan Pablo Montoya could return to his position in grill because there was an aborted exit but it must have left last because of I spin a top.

Consultation: How it will be the new qualification? What changes there are?
Author of the consultation: Miguel of Spain
Answer: The first change del that nobody is conscious is that the east qualification year will be from 14,00 to 15,00 (European hour) and not from 13,00 to 14,00 like the past year; the second and more remarkable change it is the qualification format, this year it will be like mini races, it will consist of 3; first disputed by the 22 single-seaters it will last 15 minutes and 6 slower they will be eliminated at the end of this, distributing therefore the 6 last positions according to its better returns; second the 16 remaining single-seaters will run like first 6 slower they are eliminated and the respective positions of the grill with their better times form; and the last race will have in track to the 10 20 faster single-seaters and will last min., of the best times of each pilot will form the 10 first positions of the exit grill.

Consultation: The V8 motors will get to be more powerful than present the V10, or that never will happen?
Author of the consultation: Daniel of Argentina
Answer: At first, by the times that have been realized and I have been able to compare times, although it will depend much on the length of the circuit, will be going up to around the 7 tenth in drawing up like the one of Sherry in Spain; that if, we must consider that this year will be of transition and that many equipment that we believed consolidated in the F1 could have problems with the V8; On the other hand if this year the fall of power in the new motors is remarkable; I am sure that within añitos, three or four we will have arrived at the power of the V10 or we will even have doubled it.

Consultation: Is allowed the change of tires as of 2006?
Author of the consultation: Carlos of Spain
Answer: The change in race, without having to entail this pinchazo, reventón or any deterioration undergone in the tire will be possible, but each pilot will not be able to use than 7 games of rain tires, 4 games of tires of more dry and 3 games of extreme rain tires.

Consultation: It wanted to know if during the season the 2006 colors of McLaren are always going to be the ones of or the orange that this using in the days of training?
Author of the consultation: Leandro of Argentina
Answer: According to one has scored, the mechanical orange only will be it until the 10-11-12 of March, in the Great Prize of Bahrein, where you shoot with an arrow silverplated will return to the track, with his habitual colors. Although the orange is a typical color of escudería anglian German, it is “a somewhat gaudy” color and it is not as elegant as they made the gray and the black.

Consultation: It wanted to know as they are the reasons for which the cars of Formula 1 change of 10 to 8 cylinders? , So advantageous what can be this change and as they would be his disadvantages?
Author of the consultation: Jose
Answer: IT ENTRUSTS according to it, the main reason for this change is the reduction of costs, absurd on the other hand, since you will be able to be imagined the money that have been spent the equipment this season in investigation and development of the new motors. On the other hand, I believe that IT ENTRUSTS this pawned on reducing the speed to it or rather to avoid that the single-seaters arrive at exorbitant powers.
Personally I believe that one is not going away to notice the difference in the view although if in the ear, these V8 emits a sound clearly acute than the V10 laureates.

Consultation: It wanted to know the double aileron ENTRUSTS because it wants to implement as of 2007? , It will be for better or worse?
Author of the consultation: Leandro of Argentina
Answer: The back aileron doubles well, ENTRUSTS that it tries to implement in the 2008 (it could not be in the 2007 by the negation of the group leaders), is the call aileron CDG, is an idea of Adrian Newey, the brain of the last designs of the McLaren; a shining man. HE ENTRUSTS it tries to in center create a air flow of the back aileron, that brings about a greater aerodynamic load in the car that goes behind and thus to facilitate its advancement, that is to say a “blast” more powerful than the one than now you can obtain behind a F1. IT ENTRUSTS tries to increase it to the advancements and the spectacle in race, in addition the aspect to the tires also would change, since they would be wider and smooth like in the times of the Seine and Prost.

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